Being a student at Student Plus House is something unique. You become a part of an international community, where students from all over the world come together to share a fundamental time of their life. To make our guest students’ time spent in Turin unforgettable and lively, networking and
communal activities are highly encouraged.

Complimentary nights are also offered to our guests’ families and relatives.


SPH is conveniently located to easily get to both the city centre and to the university facilities. The lines 4, 10 and 18 (tram or bus) allow you to reach in 15 minutes the Politecnico, the faculties of economics, design, medicine, physics, chemistry. They also allow you to easily reach the city center in 20 minutes.

A public parking lot is available in the surrounding areas together with indoor parking facilities. Electric bikes can be hired and charging stations are also available.

Comfort, Safety and Cleanliness

The students’ comfort is essential so all rooms are equipped with ensuite bathroom, kitchen (private or shared), TV, safe and air conditioning.

The study rooms are equipped with a television and a computer while the break ones are equipped with large screens, overhead projectors, computers, football tables, gaming tables and more.

Building Links

Hosting both students and workers, we are committed to building links between the academic world and actual workplaces.

Green & Technologic

Student Plus House has been built to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment. Here are our principles go plastic free to minimize the use of plastic, our guests are provided with a water bottle that can be easily refilled on the premises as we have also improved the quality of tap water. go greener the use of public transport, carsharing and bikesharing services are highly encouraged.

Corporate Welfare

Families and employees can use their corporate welfare to pay for their sons’ and daughters’ rent. This can be seen as a relevant financial benefit available to students’ parents. We would also offer alternative payment methods for entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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